Does 3÷3=0?

Well, what’s the opposite of division?

[blink blink]

You can do it. The opposite of division?

[blink blink blink] Multiplication?

So that means if 3÷3=0 then – STOP THAT! Put that calculator away. You don’t have to run crazy equations in your head and there’s plenty of times to double check your answers but this isn’t one of them.

[sigh] But we’re allowed to use our calculators.

They didn’t mean for this kind of math. I know, I’m a monster. What’s the opposite of division?


Right. So if 3÷3=0 then that means 0×3=3. Is that right?

One! It’s one!

Ah. So if 3÷3=1 then does 1×3=3? Yes? That’s the kind of math you can double check yourself on. You don’t need no stinkin’ calculator.

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