1.  There’s an icon you can add to your computer’s menu that displays a keyboard viewer. I don’t quite see the benefit although it is a little mesmerizing watching the keys light up out of the corner of my eye. Maybe it’s for people who didn’t take a ridiculous amount of keyboarding classes in high school, I don’t know. But it’s fun.

2.  Perhaps more useful is the “show emoji and symbols” option under the same icon. That opens a viewer with a plethora of random stuff. Sure, there are emojis but the list is way more fascinating than that. There’s arrows and bullets/stars, currency symbols and pictographs, letterlike symbols and parentheses and – wait for it – Latin. Weird, right? It’s like opening Pandora’s box and finding ☀︎ ♨︎ ∞ ℳ ℉ € ❉ ⬇︎ ‰ ☂︎ ≤ ™ ¢ ✓ ↷Ǣ.

3.  Your smart speaker can tell you the humidity. Mine’s an Echo but I bet other brands do it, too. This might not matter for some folks but for my frizz prone curly haired people – if you know, you know.

4.  It’s impossible to find curly hair products that a) don’t contain alcohol/formaldehyde/other weird stuff that’s bad for my hair and b) cost less than $80 a bottle. The struggle is real. (ps – I’ll take any tips you’ve got.)

5.  Macs have a million keyboard shortcuts for typing things like the degree sign and, believe it or not, the Apple logo.  (Shift/option/k. You’re welcome.) That’s some handy knowledge. Except finding, learning, and remembering all those shortcuts is another thing altogether.

6.  You can watch My So-Called Life on Hulu. Also BlossomCheersBeverly Hills 90210The Wonder Years, and a slew of other shows that are like a fast track flashback to the ’80s and ’90s.

7.  I’ve been too intimidated to try making any sort of bread but Bear made freaking beignets from scratch yesterday. Princess and the Frog inspiration for the win.

8.  Apparently Florida’s been overrun by hordes of idiotic spring breakers. It’d be one thing if they were relocating south for the foreseeable future but these ninnies will be bringing germs back to their college towns next week. Guess what I live next to. A college. DO NOT PARTY IN A PETRI DISH THEN BREATHE ON ME IN THE GROCERY STORE, I HAVEN’T PUT MY LIFE ON HOLD FOR A YEAR JUST SO YOUR NEED FOR SPRING BREAK CAN GIVE ME COVID BEFORE I GET VACCINATED.

9.  Claire Danes apparently has alien DNA because she looks the exact same from My So-Called Life to Homeland. We’re talking from a 15-year-old to 30-something. Who does that? Who does that??

10.  “Clean” hair is healthy hair. Despite my search for quality curly hair products that don’t require a second mortgage my hair is actually the healthiest its ever been. It’s so soft! I guess it’s one thing to know coloring your hair isn’t good for it; it’s quite another to stop using dye after twenty plus years of smearing chemicals on my head.