I’m pretty hardcore about writing on the blog. It’s 90% healthy commitment, 10% squirrelly-ness, and I’m generally okay with the mix.

That 90% is I feel better when I write. It helps me process things cluttering up my brain and gives me room to stretch. When I have the bandwidth sometimes I even talk about important stuff so that’s good. The 10% is planner related. I keep an Excel blog planner and when I don’t publish I color that date yellow. I hate it. Not yellow in general; in general yellow is sunshine and warmth. But on the spreadsheet? Yellow is mildly horrible, mostly, until there’s more than two in a month and then yellow is Aaaaarrrrggghhhh why can’t I get my writing done WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME??

Spoiler alert: Nothing’s wrong with me.

Sometimes life throws you a party and sometimes it throws knives at your head just to watch you duck and dive out of the way. We’re in a knives stage of life right now. No biggie. I can do this. But it’s gonna mean more yellow boxes so I guess I’ve gotta get right with that. I say we embrace the squirrelly.