1. The new Block Editor has finally caught me in its sticky sand trap ways. My blogger people know what I’m talking about. I fought the good fight for as long as I could but we’ve definitely landed in serious Suck It Up time. Ugh.

2. I passed my six year milestone last week. Six years of throwing my ideas out into the universe on the WordPress platform and it’s been a good ride.

3. Okay, sure, there’ve been a few bumps here and there but mostly? Mostly Riddle from the Middle has been life changing for me and I’m grateful. With an itty bitty caveat.

4. You see, someone up there in corporation world decided they needed a reboot. At the risk of sounding like I’m 100 years old I just don’t get it, everything was working fine – you came on the platform, you created a post, you published said post and voilà! What’s not working about that? Nothing. Nothing’s not working about that.

5. So you can imagine how I felt when they rolled out something called the new Block Editor where everything looks just slightly funky and instead of typing stuff in and formatting it like, you know, people do you insert types of blocks that are particular styles. I guess? I dunno, short of unicorns popping up and dancing across my screen I’m just not seeing the appeal.

6. Which is why I scammed the system for almost a year. First that meant not selecting “switch to Block Editor” when prompted. They thought they’d shame me into it by calling the old system the “CLASSIC” Editor but I’m not falling for that. I’m happy to be a classy girl.

7. Then they started force dropping me into Block Editor screens. Click on a post title to edit it? Get dropped into the Block Editor. Click Add New to start a post? Get dropped into the Block Editor. Try to search the comment queue? Get dropped into the Block Editor. NOT TODAY SATAN.

8. I found the workaround by doing everything off my post list screen. There was a drop down choice for Add New via the Classic Editor, and when I needed to update a published post it had a Classic Editor option for opening it. Problem solved.

9. Turns out this week Satan took the wheel. Saturday came, I clicked my post list link, AND IT DROPPED ME INTO AN ENTIRELY REDESIGNED PLATFORM. Block Editor had taken over. There was no workaround, no cheatsheet shortcut to get me back to my happy place. I was stuck in the Block Editor with no way out.

10. I can tell you right off the bat that the fact there’s no drop down search field to find posts by date or category is a major bummer but it looks like I’m stuck learning a new system. No worries. We can do hard things.