Who among us hasn’t hoped for a snow day, am I right?

Remote learning demanded shifts in a lot of areas. Man, did I feel for those science teachers trying to hold students’ interest without being able to lead hands on experiments…everyone had their battles to wage but that seemed like a particularly difficult subject to translate into online learning. Well, that and the arts. Creative energy can be hard enough to capture in teens, but through a computer screen? Not always an easy task.

But seriously, snow days? Those have always been golden. Unexpected vacation time where everything stops except hot chocolate and silly movies. Plus if you were lucky enough to get the call the night before then you’d be able to sleep in, too.

And then school went remote and the powers that be had to feel their way through something new. Because if everyone had learned how to learn remotely anyway well, then, there wasn’t really much point to a “snow day” because they’d proven you didn’t need to be in the building to learn so…this seemed straightforward. No snow day, remote learning day instead, ta da!

But guess what? INFRASTRUCTURE. That’s right, baby, it’s not just a political buzz word when you can’t require fully remote school because 100% of your students don’t have reliable internet access even under ideal conditions, let alone during icy snowy weather in a state ill equipped to handle it. Which means we started the school year without much hope for snow days but ended up with a few after all.

And really, who doesn’t love snow days?

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