Look, it’s been a rough week. Well, more like a rough month. Okay, fine, 2020 — present has pretty much been a sh*t storm but the last week or two have been peak stress.

I’m coping. Kind of. But yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks and I pivoted to stress eating. Not just any stress eating, either. FAST FOOD stress eating.

What’s the big deal, Laura? That’s a perfectly valid question. Several fast food places have options I can squeak by with but I was picking up lunch for the kiddo before I dropped her back off at school so I got what she got…Arby’s.

This is where stress eating entered the picture. Could I have ordered a salad? Sure, but when’s the last time you craved comfort salad? Never. That’d be never.

Which is how I ended up with this unholy trifecta: chicken tenders, curly fries, and mozzarella sticks. Three fried food items. THREE.

Don’t worry, I learned my lesson, because that little swim through deep fried deliciousness stuck me with Blockhead Syndrome for the rest of the day. Not blockhead as in gee, dummy, why’d you eat all that crap that makes you feel terrible (although that’s not an unreasonable interpretation). More like blockhead as in feeling like a giant cinderblock sat on my shoulders all day.

Boo for gluten.