1.  Looks like we made it through the weekend, can I get an amen?

2.  No, normally that wouldn’t be how I’d approach a Monday but whoa buddy…since that second Moderna vaccination on Wednesday, man, It’s Been A Time.

3.  Wednesday was bad. Overnight Wednesday was horrific; Thursday was terrible rolling into a traumatizing evening. SO MUCH BADNESS.

4.  I was still doing icky on Friday. I wanted to be better and figured mind over matter, that sort of thing, but that’s not how this stuff works.

5.  Icky Friday was filled with napping, drinking Gatorade, napping again, drinking more Gatorade, serious napping, getting up to pee, a miserable attempt at eating dinner, dragging myself through one tv show then passing out for the night.

6.  On the upside, I actually slept Friday night. Nothing makes you appreciate sleep like two nocturnal cycles of misery.

7.  Slow Saturday was filled with loopy delays. Like I was there but not quite there there, if you know what I mean. Everybody has days when they’ve got no business doing online shopping, am I right?

8.  It was also a pogo energy day. Take a shower…then lie down and rest. Let the dogs outside…then lie down and rest. Chop up some veggies…you get the point. If I’m totally honest I probably shouldn’t have been handling that chef’s knife so we’ll count our lucky stars I ended the day with fingertips intact.

9.  I was feeling much better by Sunday. As best I can tell I’m just going to be a little extra tired at the end of the day for a bit but I’ll take it.

10.  In nine days I’ll be spinning like Wonder Woman. It’s not like we’ll be throwing any parties over here, but when I’m fully vaccinated? We’re talking kitchen dancing and margaritas, man. CAN I GET AN AMEN??