Did I watch the president’s address last night? Yep, sure did. Will I be blogging about the president’s address last night? Maybe a little…

Seeing Madame Secretary and Madame Vice President listen to President Biden speak felt really, really good.

Celebrating the fact that child poverty has been cut in half. Let’s keep that ball rolling.

I think the Republicans may be superglued to their seats. Not standing for decreased child poverty? Decreased child poverty?? What kind of ghoul doesn’t celebrate less poor children?

$15 minimum wage? I’m on board with that.

When’s the section on Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head? Got some folks out here counting down to that one.

Education is the magic bullet. The Magic Bullet. We’ve got to take care of our kids — and they’re ALL our kids.

This prescription drug thing, man, I just don’t get it. Nobody can credibly argue drugs should cost this much. No one should have to choose between paying rent and insulin. And am I bonkers, or was it just six months ago when Republicans were going off on how Trump was squeezing pharmaceutical companies to charge fair prices? Why can’t we get anywhere on this??

“White supremacy is terrorism.” Truth.

“Gun violence has become an epidemic in America.” It’s hard to ignore when flags fly at half mast around the clock.

I’m sitting here thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve listened to a clear and concise presentation of ideas designed to help American families. No time wasted creating a bogeyman to blame for America’s problems, just down to earth ideas and practical hope for the future.

Oh, and I’m sharing this photo because it’s absolutely stunning: