1.  Woo boy, it was a weekend and a half, you know what I mean? And not in the I-feel-like-I-just-got-back-from-Tahiti sort of way.

2.  This was more like a how-did-I-get-this-far-but-still-have-so-much-more-to-do kind of thing.

3.  A shopping excursion took over a big chunk of my Saturday. My whoop whoop let’s go shopping! moods are few and far between, and some outings never ever qualify.

4.  Rest assured I’ll write more on this at a later date but here’s a start: spending two long hours bra shopping and still not being done lands me somewhere in the seventh circle of hell.

5.  It’s almost enough to make me crawl back into my sports bra hiding place but we’re getting dangerously close to a time when I’ll need to show up places that require, y’know, real clothes that necessitate, y’know, a regular bra so it’s dig in and get ‘er done time for me.

6.  Also ran into a wee bit of trouble with a sink full of dishes when it came time to make dinner. Look, I’m no saint. I can slack off with the best of them. But few things make me run hot like showing up to start dinner and having to clear out dirty dishes so I can wash my freaking produce. COME ON.

7.  Cleaned out my fridge this weekend. Every time I do this I straddle the line between be chill, you don’t want to give them a food complex and SERIOUSLY? YOU DIDN’T FINISH THIS?? AFTER NOT LETTING ANY OF US HAVE SOME?? No tupperware was broken during my hissy fit so I’ll call it a win.

8.  Something that absolutely, positively went 100% my way was Friday’s culinary adventure: I made my first strawberry cobbler. At least I think it was my first. And if it wasn’t then this particular cobbler annihilated any previous attempts.

9.  I used strawberries from the Eno River Farm and followed this recipe from Divas Can Cook. Guys, when I say it was so good I cried…

10.  On the up side I did manage to get the best night’s sleep on Saturday that I’ve had in a long while. Soooo good.