1. That was a rough weekend. It didn’t start off that way — shoot, Friday and most of Saturday went just fine.

2. Sh*t didn’t really hit the fan until Saturday evening. Isn’t that always the way? Things are winding down, you think you’re home free then BAM. Knocked flat as a pancake on the highway of life.

3. No, not my life, but it will shock no one to hear that other people’s lives are 100% capable of derailing my own.

4. Parenting. The only gig that can simultaneously pump you up and bleed you dry.

5. Just kidding, I’m sure there are plenty of gigs pulling off that particular miracle. This one just happens to be mine.

6. As is par for the course I managed to fold the rogue basket of socks, underwear, and random t-shirts just as I need to run laundry again.

7. Hello, hamster. Meet wheel.

8. I’m gonna have to really zero in so today? Today’s the kitchen. Dishwasher emptied, dirty dishes put in, counters cleared, and that damn pineapple cut up so it’ll stop mocking me from the island.

9. Of course my fruits and vegetables mock me. Don’t yours? Never mind, don’t answer that.

10. Let’s just all roll into Monday together with a commitment to healthy eating and a good afternoon nap.