I finally tracked down the response from those WP “happiness engineers” yesterday. You know how tech support by email gives you fourteen steps to try, playing the odds that something they send will work? That’s where I was all day yesterday and it was…a lot. It was a whole dang lot.

Log out. Clear your browser history and cache. Lock down cookies. Try logging back into WordPress to create a post and…nope.

Open a private browsing window, log back into WordPress, and create a post then…nope.

Fun thing about those attempts right there: not only did WordPress not fix my classic editor issue, it wouldn’t even let me log back into my site. The blank screen just sat there staring at me like You wanna do what now? You wanna log IN? Oh no, baby, that’s not happening today.


Fast forward to steps nine and ten where I’m updating my operating system so I can update my browser so I can FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY get back into my blog. Neat fact: Updating the operating system takes upward of two hours so, y’know, that happened.

Long story kinda short, 10pm last night I was cranking this out on my phone waiting for the update to finish so I could see if I’d at least be able to log back into my laptop. I dunno, guys. Meditate for me, say a rosary, sacrifice a Twinkie, dance naked under the full moon. Whatever you do to get that good mojo flowing I’d seriously appreciate you sending some of it my way.