1.  I’ve got some stuff going on, people. Serious stuff causing serious problems with creative writing.

2.  We’re waiting on the results of a biopsy for our Gracie girl.

3.  Just because, here’s some pics of her big dopey face.

4.  Dopey’s actually pretty accurate right now. Dogs coming off anesthesia are something.

5.  Gracie isn’t having a good time. Cue me calling the vet fifteen minutes after getting back to the house.

6.  Okay, so I know you said I can’t give her pain medication until tomorrow but she’s actually whimpering and that’s a sound this dog never makes so what gives.

7.  I’ve got a really great vet.

8.  ps – Apparently whimpering is common when they’re working off anesthesia. Who knew.

9.  This whole wait-a-week-for-the-results thing blows, though.

10.  Okay, shake it off, distraction would do me good.

11.  Our quesadilla night was a big hit. This page has a How To Make A Quesadilla primer for those new to the game and they’ve got great filling suggestions in the notes.

12.  We made some with chopped chicken/peppers/pepperjack cheese and chicken/roasted green chile/cheddar and monterey jack cheese. I think I even tossed some green onion into a few. So yummy.

13.  These Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas were a surprise. I skipped making vegan nacho cheese, opting instead for cheese on hand, but otherwise I followed the recipe.

14.  Turns out those vegetarian quesadillas were Bear’s favorite. Mine too.

15.  I’d already mixed up a batch of salsa but there was one more dipping option I wanted: Avocado Sauce.

16.  I spotted the recipe when I was scouting quesadillas and it sounded delightful. Another avocado option besides guacamole? Yes please.

17.  Was there a good chance I’d be the only one eating it? Yes. Was I unhappy about that? Nope, not at all.

18.  In the end it turned out I was the only one who ate it and I wasn’t the least bit sorry. Four days later and I’d devoured every last bit.

19.  I must be on a Mexican food kick because quesadillas are back on the menu this weekend.

20.  I’m excited to add a Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla to the mix. I’ll let you know how it goes.

21.  The kids are wrapping up their first official week of summer, can I get a woo hoo?

22.  No morning alarms, no project deadlines, no online classes.

23.  Then again it means these kids are here twenty-four freaking hours a day and sometimes mama just needs a little breathing room.

24.  Try saying that on Instagram and see how fast the #MotherhoodIsABlessing crew throws down.

25.  Because motherhood can be hard, you’re just not allowed to say it.

26.  What else, what else…did I mention Seven tried to brawl with the dogs?

27.  We have a pretty standard morning routine. Get up, give Phoebe her medicine, let the dogs out for a post-breakfast pee.

28.  When they come back in the basement the dogs almost always hold a rowdy play session. More than a few times I’ve caught Seven staring at them in fascination only to blitz attack Mia later on.

29.  Last week Phoebe and Gracie were being particularly…let’s say spirited. There’s a thin line between good fun and leaving a mark and they’d pranced right up to it.

30.  I was literally opening my mouth to call Settle down! when out of nowhere a ball of fur flew through the air.

31.  It took a full second to register it was Seven jumping over the dogs’ backs and into the fray.

32.  His tail was puffed out like a raccoon’s and he hissed like a snake, upping the ante on their play growls.

33.  He bounced in and out of the grouping twice before banging off Phoebe’s back. Phoebe accepted the challenge and turned with a WOOF, sending Seven bouncing back out.

34.  He bounced in again, landing on Gracie’s back, and it was the sight of her seventy-five pound frame turning toward his less than ten pound body that finally jolted me into action.

35.  I leapt from my chair with a WHOA WHOA WHOA SETTLE DOWN EVERYONE.

36.  Seven didn’t need the prompt; as soon as he saw Gracie turn toward him he took off like a shot for the stairs. Guess he realized he’d bit off more than he could chew.

37.  I brought the dogs upstairs to get water and found Seven crouched on high ground, tail still puffed out, keeping a wary eye on the dogs whenever they moved. It took him the rest of the morning to stop jumping every time one of them passed by.

38.  Seven is 100% convinced he’s a Big Boy in a small frame which is probably why the next day I caught him popping Gracie in the face.

39.  He’d go pop pop then skitter sideways with a wanna play? look. Gracie just looked at me perplexed, wondering how to handle this little bundle of energy.

40.  This is a motley crew over here but they’re a good time, too.