Okay, everyone, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned our Gracie had gone in for a procedure. I spoke with the vet yesterday afternoon and after weighing it all out I’d say we lean toward good.

It was a soft tissue sarcoma so that’s, you know, bad. But it was stage one so it hadn’t metastasized. And they were able to remove it all with clean margins. They were incredibly thin margins, like 1mm, so that could be better but still. This type has a low probability of reoccurrence which is good, and the vet said there wasn’t any vascular involvement so that’s even better.

Is it great she had it? Nope, but we’re lucky they were able to fully remove it and Gracie’s back to her normal self. A little snoozy but it’s been a lot for a sweet nine-year-old pup. Thanks for all of your kind thoughts.