1.  It’s been a weekend. One of those too long, too short, too tired kind of weekends where even extra sleep left me feeling exhausted. Boo.

2.  Gracie has been extra snuggly these days so I’m giving her all the loves.

3.  Don’t get it twisted, though, I know Gracie’s game. Look all adorable for days on end then snap! She’ll snatch something off a counter and run.

4.  Bless her whole furry heart.

5.  Seven’s running around here like a bat out of hell which is amusing until he slide tackles Mia in a full body clinch. Nothing says kitty love like an angry hiss and SNAP.

6.  Our animals are nothing if not good at asserting boundaries.

7.  I’ve been working on mastering a new vacuum cleaner which looks kind of dumb when I see it written out like that but with four fur babies and two girl humans who shed exorbitant amounts of hair our survival hinges on a decent vacuum cleaner.

8.  Fingers crossed this one works out.

9.  Phoebe is as Phoebe does: snoozy and jumpy and snuggly and likely to attack you if you wander through our door unexpectedly. Fair warning.

10.  So we’re off to another week and I’m counting this as a win. I sat yesterday. I got some thoughts down. I moved on. Let’s see where we go from here.