1.  I’ve been off the grid this weekend. Wish I could tell you it’s because I was draped across some beach lazily drinking a mai tai but no such luck.

2.  We did get out on the lake with gorgeous weather so I’ll take it.

3.  Nothing says you’ll make it to the other side of this sh*t show like blue skies and white fluffy clouds, right?

4.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

5.  I now have a mountain of laundry but it can just sit there for a bit, it’s not going anywhere.

6.  Bwahahahaha!!!

7.  I watched that CNN special Assault on Democracy last night and damn, it’s got some disturbing stuff laid out in there.

8.  Excellent reporting, fact based proof (video and otherwise) — the only problem is it ran on CNN so I know lots of people who need to watch it wouldn’t.

9.  Sorry to be the downer but I’m not ashamed to say hearing President Biden’s dog Champ died gave me the feels.

10.  It made me snuggle my fur babies all the harder once we were home. 💛