1.  Morning, noon, night, doesn’t matter. When this dog’s out, she is OUT.

2.  Don’t get me wrong, she sleeps like a rock, but Phoebe can be pretty high strung.

3.  Want to know if there’s a delivery truck within a one block radius? A thunderstorm arriving in the next half hour? Someone pausing at the freaking mailbox?

4.  Phoebe’s your dog.

5.  But when she goes out she goes out hard in a way I only dream of these days.

6.  Sometimes she sleeps twisted like a corkscrew, head drooped off the side of her dog bed.

7.  Sometimes she’ll stretch all the way out, more than four feet long nose to tail tip.

8.  Sometimes she’ll snooze on her back, pink belly turned up with her paws curled under.

9.  I spend my nights tossing and turning, finding a comfortable position only to wake an hour later needing to find another. There is no sleeping like a baby for me.

10.  If only Phoebe could give lessons in leisure…