What do you think of the idea of the ‘greater good’ principle?

I have concerns. At the most surface level it seemed altruistic — how can you argue against working toward what’s good for the most people? Except the devil’s in the details. The ‘greater good’ principle has led to such illustrious moments in history as the Texas Lt. Governor suggesting our elderly should be willing to die to save the economy from the coronavirus.

Do you enjoy riding a roller coaster or other amusement park type ride?

I used to enjoy all sorts of amusement park rides. Well, except for the tilt-a-whirl or other spinning rides that gave thrills with centrifugal force, those have always made me feel puke-ish. Sadly as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more sensitive to movement on the other rides, too, so now it’s all pretty much a no go.

Which musical instrument is the most annoying to you personally?

Bagpipes, without a doubt. I can tolerate even the most annoying instruments for a tiny bit but bagpipes irritate me within the first few seconds.

Would you rather have a vivid imagination or a photographic memory if you had to choose just one?

I’d choose a vivid imagination. A photographic memory would be fascinating but would only be useful for things I read, but imagination? Well, that can take you anywhere.

Feel free to share fun plans for this season that you might have. Especially now that many places are lifting restrictions and travel is a bit easier.

We’re still restricting our travel while immunization rates are inconsistent across the country and this Delta variant is poking around. Our fun plans will be spending time at the lake.

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