1.  Alrighty, then, let’s get back on board our Friday train.

2.  Anyone else looking forward to the weekend? I vote yay for Saturday mornings.

3.  There’s just something about them — the air’s somehow lighter, less dense with obligation.

4.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still obligation and worry, it’s just a little easier to manage.

5.  Kind of.

6.  So my knee’s been a problem. Not a small one either.

7.  My friend taught me how to use KT wrap. It’s been a big help, but when I tried taking it off things went downhill fast.

8.  I had an appointment at the end of the month but then a cancellation opened a spot up today. Hallelujah!

9.  Here’s hoping the solution is simple. Straightforward.

10.  Anything other than we might need to consider surgery would be fantastic.

11.  Fingers crossed.

12.  I’m also struggling with canker sores. Anyone else have trouble with these?

13.  It happens when I eat too many highly acidic foods but stress is a major factor, too.

14.  One or two make life harder but this is full on crisis mode.

15.  We’re talking one pinpoint blossomed into three grew into five or six while others joined the party.

16.  I’m currently counting five front right, three smaller front left, two inside my lower lip, and a tongue with one on top and another on each side. Plus my throat’s a little raw now, too.


18.  Seriously, how’s a girl supposed to eat like this? Shoot, for a few days there just talking was a challenge.

19.  The last time this happened I had to go on an all-bland diet. Plain food? No salt??

20.  Ugh.

21.  Any and all advice welcome. Treatments, prevention, whatever you’ve got.

22.  So here’s a fun fact: when you hurt your knee you end up pulling other muscles in that leg because you’re walking weird from the injury.

23.  Okay, so maybe it’s less a fun fact and more a holy-crap-I-can’t-put-my-pants-on fact.

24.  Why didn’t anyone say fifty would be this freaking fabulous?

25.  Fine, maybe there are some parts that are fabulous, but random aches and pains? Not so much.

26.  Right now I’m staring at the new heating element for our oven.

27.  I told you the oven conked out, right? Back in June? Yep.

28.  Big covid backlog in the appliance supply line, I guess, because it took a whole month for the part to come in.

29.  Of course it arrived the day I was heading to the lake so we put a pin in it.

30.  We had an appointment for someone to install it on Wednesday. No time, just “he’ll be there today.” Y’all know how well I do with vague but I tried to suck it up.

31.  The morning passed. So did lunchtime. Then two o’clock. Around three I figured it would be a good idea to check in.

32.  That’s when I learned their repair guy had just left for the day and “they really should have called that morning to say he couldn’t come.”

33.  $%#@!!%*@$$!

34.  Listen, I get snafus. Stuff happens, schedules change, we deal.

35.  But nothing chafes like people who don’t respect my time.

36.  I found someone else to come this morning which would have been great…until that knee appointment opened up.

37.  Walking trumps brownies. Looks like we’ll wait until Monday for a functional oven.

38.  You’d think living without an oven for over a month would be hard but it actually wasn’t that bad.

39.  We still had the stovetop, Instant Pot, crockpot, and grill. Plus it’s summer so salads topped with grilled chicken made for easy meals.

40.  Still, it’ll be nice to make parmesan broccoli again. We do love us some parmesan broccoli.