When we reach the end of our lives, whenever that might be, I like to imagine our enormous heads floating above our loved ones with a footnote dangling below. Okay, that sounds kind of disturbing, just picture Mufasa talking to Simba in The Lion King and you’ll have the gist.

Anyway, this totally random fleeting thought made me wonder…what kind of footnote are we talking about? What final thought would tag me after death?

She tried. Hard.

Life is short. Have the chips and guac. And the margaritas.

She believed in the Oxford comma.

Be kind.

Those are the first that come to mind. Here are some others for humanity at large.

Always got eight hours of sleep and drank her water daily.

He took his family recipe to the grave.

Sing, even if you’re off key. Unless you’re in public, then lip sync because nobody can handle the one throwing off three rows of singers.

She didn’t wear sunscreen and lived to regret it.

There are more important things than looking pretty.

Stop telling me I should smile more.

Fur babies: the best all-natural blood pressure medication the world has to offer.

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