1.  Discovering a chewed up EOB from the end table in her kennel.

2.  Fishing an enormous slobbery feeder ball out of the water dish.

3.  Soda flying everywhere when a furiously happy tail sweeps it off the coffee table.

4.  Learning to induce vomiting because this critter swallows everything from Brillo pads to landscaping rocks.

5.  Not being sure when my readers go missing if I’ve just misplaced them or Gracie ate them altogether.

6.  Interrupting morning coffee at least twice with GRACIE! STOP IT!!

7.  Turning the car around when I realize I forgot to close her in the bedroom.

8.  Juggling vet or doctors’ office calls while hitting mute long enough to holler DROP-IT-DROP-IT-DROP-IT-NOW.

9.  Cooking dinner while stepping back and forth over a gigantic furry body sprawled across the floor.

10.  Keeping every door closed all day long in a vain effort to Gracie-proof the house.