Are human beings required to better themselves and will doing that make them happier?

I think bettering ourselves will make us happier but it’s become abundantly clear human beings don’t feel they are required to do the work. It’s a shame, really.

Is it easier to love or to be loved?

I left this question for last because I keep going back and forth. It’s easier to be loved because loving imperfect people can be a challenge…unless you struggle with allowing yourself to be loved, then it’s easier to love the good you see in others…except loving someone well takes an extraordinary amount of energy and accepting love fills your cup instead of emptying it…although some might say loving somebody well brings you just as much joy as you give…

You see my dilemma.

Outside traumatic brain injury, can memories be completely erased?

I think even if you feel like memories are gone there’s always a shred that stores itself deep in your subconscious.

Is there such a thing as a good death?

Yes. If you’ve made the world a better place in your time here, in whatever way and for whatever reason, then I believe your death is a good one. But if you’re asking specifically about the act of dying itself? I’d vote for passing peacefully with those I love most by my side.

What do you imagine is inside a baseball?

Tightly wound unicorn hair with a touch of pixie dust.

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Sometimes, even when you can’t fix something in its entirety, it’s enough to be there and do what you can.

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