Is anyone else struggling with the creative process right now? I’ll take Protracted Pandemic Sluggishness for 300, Alex.

And now I’ve realized my Jeopardy! references will forevermore be out of date because a) I no longer watch the show and b) I can’t keep up with who they’ll finally choose as the new host. Maybe we’ll just call this an homage to Alex Trebek and move along.

I’m finding myself derailed fairly easily these days — and by “these days” I mean pretty much anything beyond January 2020 — so more often than not it hits 9pm and I think to myself crap, I don’t have a blog post written for tomorrow. This inevitably leads to the existential debate of rest vs. writing and no good comes of that little hoo-ha.

Truth is you’re only getting this meandering ramble because I’m being held hostage this morning while they do my car inspection. Just kidding. They asked if I was waiting or dropping off but seriously, people, it’s a car inspection. I’m supposed to ask someone to give me a ride home just so I can ask for a ride back in 45 minutes? Don’t think so.

That is, of course, assuming the car flies through inspection which I’ve now surely jinxed by joking about it. Way to go, Laura.

I’ve looked at my blog stats — I know, I know, terrible idea — only to find that 2021 is shaping up to be a very off year. It’s September and I’ve written less than half the posts I wrote in the nine months the blog was live in 2015. I don’t know if it’s pandemic brain or exhaustion or what happens when worlds collide over and over but clearly 2021 is kicking my ass. Fine, it can have it. And my twenty pandemic pounds, too, thank you very much.