1.  BrightSide and I have been rolling through Criminal Minds on Netflix.

2.  It’s a great show but it’s not without challenges. Terror, violence, suspense, gore — you name the scary storyline it makes a frequent appearance, but we hung in there through all twelve seasons.

3.  So you can imagine our shock when the last episode screeched to a halt with a very clear cliffhanger. What? WHAT?? But there aren’t any more seasons on Netflix!!

4.  Cue temporary moment of panic followed by God bless google.

5.  Hulu has the next three seasons so WOO HOO, LET’S GO!

6.  Nothing says quality tv like Bear’s Ewwwww grooosssssss as she walks into the room.

7.  So here we are kicking off another week. I’ve been sidelined for the weekend with ridiculous back pain and all I can say is HOW AM I THIS OLD??

8.  Bless.

9.  I may not have been spry enough to make banana bread but Bear made blueberry muffins and woo boy, did I forget how good our house can smell…

10.  Maybe I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow. Maybe I’ll manage some semblance of life that doesn’t keep me flat on the couch. I’m holding onto that maybe with both hands.