1.  I put on jeans yesterday, y’all. JEANS. Only for an hour but still.

2.  Also, it turns out I haven’t forgotten how to apply real makeup. BOOYAH!

3.  Gracie barking in her dreams sounds like tiny popcorn kernels popping off in the distance.

4.  I have the weirdest sore throat. It used to be the whole thing but then the pain kind of eased up my throat and lodged at the back of the roof of my mouth.

5.  Lemon tea with honey along with chicken broth = magic elixir.

6.  Do you know how hard it is to swallow food without touching the roof of your mouth? Harder than you’d think.

7.  I’ll tell you what, this is making me think a lot about speech pathology and how much complex stuff goes into eating and speaking.

8.  One of these cats can be crossing the room only to stop, jump into an empty laundry basket, turn around twice, then hop out and continue on her way. What the what?

9.  Said cat also sleeps tipped over, nose pressing into the couch, like a boozy old aunt who lost her footing.

10.  That’s almost as good as the nap I took with Phoebe yesterday afternoon. I opened one eye to find her sprawled out on her back, belly up with with legs splayed, passed out cold. Must be nice to get that kind of rest.