If you were to be cast as part of a comedy double act, which part would you play…the straight man or the funny one, and why?

I’d probably play the straight man since I can lock this face down like nobody’s business. It doesn’t hurt that I can cock my left eyebrow like a pro.

If you were to be reincarnated on Earth as any non-living/inanimate object of your choosing, what would you come back as and why?

An oversized pillowy soft fleece blanket. Because nothing says warmth, comfort, safety, and love like being wrapped in a one of those.

We all know how dogs mark their territory. How do you mark your territory?

With an artful smattering of clutter that only I can decipher.

If you were on a trivia show and had to correctly answer ten questions in one subject to win a million dollars (or whatever currency is used in your locale), what would you hope the category would be?

Random Turns of Phrase that are Minimally Useful in Real Life.

In democratic societies, do you believe that the right to vote is merely a privilege or a duty for all citizens? This should not be thought of as an “Americans only” question. ANY ONE is welcome to answer.

I’d call it a duty. In order for a government to be considered “by the people” — ie. a democracy — you need the people to speak up with their votes. That’s the only way majority opinion will guide a country instead of leaving it to a loud or financially flush minority. I’m not on board with compulsory voting, though. In the end each citizen must decide to exercise their right to vote.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.