Every form in every doctor’s office everywhere asks the same medical history questions: allergies, current medications, family history, any operations, and (my personal favorite) date of your last period. Seriously, people, half the time I’m sitting there with my hair on fire, part focused on the form and part focused on the next three things I have to do that day. You seriously expect me to remember the last time I searched for Tampax? Child, please.

But I digress.

I’ve been doing this routine for so long I even remember the super fancy medical name for the surgery I had when I graduated high school — correction of congenital ptosis, left eyelid. In other words, my left eyelid drooped lower than my right. I was really self-conscious about it back then. Unfortunately over time the a muscle that’s been surgically corrected can stretch back out which (surprise, surprise) mine did. So here I am, thirty years later, back to the place where my left eye consistently looks more tired than my right.

Don’t be fooled, though, both my eyes are tired. You’ll just spot it easier on the left.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “lid.” Use it in the literal sense, use it in the metaphorical sense, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!