1.  I was just sitting there at the kitchen table, minding my own business and a hot cup of coffee, when something enormous triggered my peripheral vision.

2.  And when I say triggered I mean jump-like-I-spotted-the-serial-killer-in-a-horror-movie triggered.

3.  I put my mug down wondering what on earth could have landed on our fence sporting a four foot wingspan.

4.  I glanced out the window, blinked, and stared hard. Then stared some more at the creature tucking its wings into its body. I was looking at — I kid you not — a freaking heron perched on our fence in the backyard.

5.  Gracie sat by the window, tail wagging furiously as she watched the giant visitor in our yard.

6.  We’ve seen some beautiful birds here. Cardinals, wrens, some mourning doves. There are crows that look like they’re on steroids and we have a few hawks that swing through now and again.

7.  But herons? That’s new and frankly a super weird bird to see perched on our fence here in town. I thought they were just a lake thing so color me surprised.

8.  Eventually he swooped off in search of food and I went on about my morning, but I just couldn’t shake the sight of that gangly bird.

9.  Was he lost? Nesting in a nearby pond? Bringing a message to me since I wasn’t heading to the lake?

10.  Who knows, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be keeping an eye on that backyard for a while.