1.  Nope nope nopety nope nope.

2.  And that’s all I have to say about the weekend, thank you very much. Eight items to go.

3.  Chicago Med is my new favorite streaming obsession.

4.  There are random crossover appearances from Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. We watched Chicago Fire years ago; maybe I’ll revisit that one next.

5.  Ah, North Carolina. Welcome to the state where you can experience everything from eighty degrees and sunny to sixty degrees and rainy in a forty-eight hour period.

6.  It can make getting dressed in the morning a bit of a challenge.

7.  You know what’s interesting? How you can be married more than twenty-five years and still learn new stuff about one another.

8.  For instance, I had no idea some people go through their day without feeling all the feelings. Basically every minute of the day I’m feeling the feelings — some big, some small, sometimes more than one at a time. So many of the feelings swirling around inside.

9.  But apparently — and trust me when I say this stunned me — BrightSide goes through lots of days without swirly feelings. His brain is logic based so apparently he doesn’t live every day with this bubbly volcano of emotion inside. I had no idea people lived like this!

10.  The only thing funnier than my bewilderment was the shocked look on BrightSide’s face when he tried to imagine what it was like to walk through the world with my swirling emotional core. Marriage, man. Full of surprises.