1.  Jägermeister. And that right there is a complete sentence. Damn.

2.  Taking French in high school. Seriously? I couldn’t choose something a little more useful than French?

3.  That time we went to a Broadway show and I thought yeah, I can tolerate these high heels for three hours. Only to require a piggyback ride to our car later that evening.

4.  The time I voted for a Republican. Please don’t ask.

5.  Chopping my hair off nape short in middle school.

6.  Plus any and all attempts at bangs with unruly curly hair. Unbelievably, there was more than one.

7.  That time I forgot to reapply sunscreen while swimming for an entire afternoon in the Bahamas. It’s safe to say I didn’t fully comprehend sunburn before that night.

8.  Leaving the top down on a convertible while we saw a movie. Indoors, cut off from the outside world, for more than two hours? Without checking the freaking weather report?? Unthinkable.

9.  Heading to an all day outdoor event without preloading allergy medicine.

10.  Deciding my precious time was so limited that I needed to get both my covid booster and flu shot on the same day despite a history of reactions to each. BLESS IT.