What was the very first popular song you ever remember taking a liking to? I’m not talking about children’s songs or old traditional songs…but the kind of songs you’d hear on the radio.  📻 ♪♫♪♫

Since my memory is for crap this might not be my very first but I remember bopping around my room to Billy Joel’s Glass Houses album. “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” and “You May Be Right” in particular. Back in the dinosaur days when we cranked up our 8-track tapes.

Are you one of those people who get queasy at sight of blood, or could you watch an open heart surgery?

I don’t think I’m a particularly queasy person. I’ve actually managed more than a few emergencies with impressive aplomb, if I do say so myself. There were a couple of times, though, when I got a little whooshy on my feet — they all happened in a hospital when I saw someone I loved in pain.

Who or what do you feel is lurking right behind you, just waiting to ambush you and make your life a living hell (or “heck” for those with delicate sensibilities)? 

Anxiety. I can be rolling along handling life just fine and BAM! Things swirl off in every direction and I’m looking for a way to hold it all together.

What is the gaudiest thing you have ever worn?

I’m hardcore struggling with this question because I don’t lean toward gaudy…except I also feel like that’s the sort of thing someone gaudy says. I was a child of a 70s, man, I must have worn rhinestones at one point or another.

Fess up! What was something you did as a child that got you into BIG trouble?

When I say there could be drama at the dinner table I mean there was serious d-r-a-m-a. I can’t remember precisely what my problem was; maybe I was a picky eater or maybe I ate slow so I got full before I could finish my food. (That still happens sometimes.) Anyhoo!

This one night we were having burgers and I just was not feeling it, except not so much in an “ick” way and more of a “if I take one more bite I’ll puke” way. This was not a valid reason to be done with dinner, though, and I was told I’d sit there until I finished. After a while I must have excused myself to the bathroom where in a brilliant stroke of genius I decided to hide the remainder of my chewed up hamburger NOT by flushing it down the toilet but by shoving it under the bathroom sink. Where my mother found it. Who knows how many days later.

That did not turn out well for me.

What are you looking forward to as the festive season approaches? (I did NOT say the “C” word, please note 😉)

I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how the cats react to a huge tree appearing again in our house, although I’ll take suggestions on how to protect it from this 10+ pound kamikaze cat. Also soups, family time, and the possibility of snow.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.