1. Sometimes things go as planned, sometimes you end up unexpectedly hosting people for Sunday dinner. Whoops.

2. There’s knowing something needs to be done then there’s finally forking over the time to deal with my bedroom.

3. In a perfect world we’d have two solid walls to work with but here we are with a dog eating clumping litter and we’ve done the best we can with this gate.

4. Yes, I know we’re not supposed to put these at the top of stairs. Desperate times, yada yada yada.

5. There’s weary, then there’s too-tired-to-cross-the-room-so-I’ll-write-this-on-my-phone weary.

6. OUTSIDERS!!! (that’s in fur baby speak) were at the house so all four have passed out around me. No doubt they’ll sleep for days.

7. You know what’s great dinner food? Quesadillas. You know what’ll tire a gal out? Prepping, assembling, and cooking ten quesadillas with dipping options.

8. Because I’m just high maintenance enough to want salsa, ranch dip, and avocado sauce available.

9. Plus I was too tired in the end to make gluten free versions so I just ate a flour tortilla and now my belly’s poofed out like a helium balloon.

10. Yes, that’s more info than you probably needed. Along with the fact that my shoulders are like cinder blocks. And I can’t seem to sleep more than five decent hours a night. BONE TIRED, I SAY. Bless.