Our kitties are a wonderful combination of these colors. Mia is a soft white and gray one — soft like a bunny, actually. Depending on which angle she’s facing she can look white with gray ears and a gray cheek, or white with gray spots and a gray ear. She’s got a bit of gray on her legs, too. Such a pretty girl.

Seven has some black on him. His coat reminds me of tiger stripes which, truth be told, fits his personality. And talk about a cat personifying the difference between boy and girl — sometimes he’ll tear around the house, balls to the wall, leaping over gates and onto ledges. Sometimes he’ll look straight at you and slowly unfold himself onto the floor, stretched out like a panther along a tree branch. Mia’s our bug hunter but Seven reminds me most of their Big Cat heritage.

Last night I dreamed of my mom. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I could feel how much she loved Seven, probably because of how much she adored our boy cat growing up. Black, gray, and white: our very own kitty love bundle.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “black, gray, and white.” Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!