Last week our friend Melanie at Sparks from a Combustible Mind was dealing with a website glitch. I found a workaround then that got me to her Share Your World post but this week WordPress locked me out tighter than a new pair of work shoes four hours into a full time shift.

Blisters. Yikes.

Anyhoo, it looks like I’m on my own this week. I’ll throw something together but feel free to float your own question in the comments and I’ll answer yours, too.


Full moons: beautiful or spooky as hell?

Incredibly beautiful. Tonight there’s a hazy glow circling it, like a moon halo.

Do you let your pets on the furniture?

Full disclosure: I can’t grasp a life where fur babies aren’t allowed on the sofa. We’re solidly in the my house is a home, not a showcase camp. Dogs and cats on the furniture? Absolutely. I honor other people’s rules in their houses but nothing makes me sadder than looking at a dog gazing adoringly up at me and not being able to pat the cushion.

What unwieldy life hack do you use?

I store Tupperware and Pyrex storage containers with their lids on. It’s ridiculously inefficient, I can only keep about a third of what I used to, but the time it saves me in searching for lids is priceless. Much better for my blood pressure, too.

If you’re the old fashioned sort who keeps physical copies of books, how are they organized?

Primarily by genre. Children’s/young adult on the basement bookshelves. The family room has inspirational/personal growth, faith, a handful of young adult novels, social justice, historical biographies, and a full shelf of crime fiction. Plus my copy of The 1619 Project that came in just last week.

Are you allergic to anything that’s particularly annoying?

So I can’t say I’m technically allergic — I don’t have the test to prove it or anything — but sitting in grass never fails to irritate my skin and the itchiness lasts for hours. It’s simpler to avoid now but avoiding freaking GRASS was a lot more complicated when I was chasing littles around.

Share some gratitude from the week.

A warm kitty curled up on my lap, kids who are old enough to pitch in when Life Happens, Cook Out milkshakes, and a soft hoodie for cold walks to the mailbox.