1.  Watching Mia joyfully play with a toy mouse.

2.  Twitchy paws on dreaming dogs.

3.  A diffuser filled with lime, tangerine, and grapefruit oils.

4.  Bombas slipper socks.

5.  Swiss Cake Rolls. Despite the gluten. Because yum.

6.  This Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Soup. (Don’t let “low carb” fool you, this soup is the bomb!)

7.  Cat TikTok.

8.  Glennon Doyle’s podcast We Can Do Hard Things, in particular HAPPYISH HOLIDAYS: Our Top Three Hacks.

9.  A decent night’s sleep.

10.  This super easy and delicious appetizer: Herb and Garlic Marinated Olives.

11.  Hats that are both soft and warm.

12.  Sixty degree sunny afternoons perfect for dogs hanging out in the yard.

13.  Finding a great product for curly hair.

14.  Clean shelves in the refrigerator.

15.  Enough food on the table.

16.  Dogs that snuggle up like sisters.

17.  These un-freaking-believable Cheesy Bruschetta Bites.

18.  Febreeze. Bless these stinky dogs.

19.  Odor neutralizing gel beads. These things are a game changer.

20.  Learning a hack for fixing carpet snags.

21.  King Richard on HBO Max.

22.  A house that feels like home.

23.  Casual time hanging out with family.

24.  Waking up without an alarm.

25.  High speed internet. (Dorky, but it made the list.)

26.  Good old fashioned homemade mac and cheese.

27.  A well stocked spice cabinet.

28.  Crock pots.

29.  Crock pot liners, too, come to think of it.

30.  Silk pillowcases. They save a curly haired girl.

31.  Spotify’s year in review song compilation.

32.  Snoozy kitty eyes.

33.  Watching Seven stalk birds at the feeders.

34.  Fleecy soft throw blankets.

35.  Family movie night.

36.  A soothing neutral color scheme. Cream, blues, and grays soothe me.

37.  Blogging.

38.  My people. You know who you are.

39.  Soup and chili season.

40.  Leggings with a comfy top.