1.  Towels. Just when you finish washing, folding, and putting away three loads you turn around to find another mountain on the laundry room floor.

2.  Mail. Forget to collect that stuff one stinking day and that’s the week they’ll stuff every sales flyer and marketing sample from five square miles into your mailbox.

3.  Undercoats. How can dogs shed this much? Don’t they need all this hair to keep them warm in winter?

4.  Hormones. ‘Nuff said.

5.  Late night feline hijinks. Because who doesn’t want a ten pound kitty zooming through the room like a furry comet at midnight?

6.  Kitty kneading. Pick the carpet, loosen a loop, vacuum snatches up the thread, loosens a bigger loop, repair and repeat.

7.  Red berry decor. So pretty on the mantle, so irritating to spot berries scattered across the floor.

8.  Curl cream. A fraction of a pump too much and you’ve gone from defined curls to crackling helmet head.

9.  Snoring dogs. Gentle nudging, soft patting, persistent jostling — none of it works on our obnoxiously loud pup.

10.  Bacon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional treat, but I can surely live without the house smelling like bacon grease for a week. Bless.