I’m fifteen days out from my diagnosis, seventeen days after symptoms started, and I have some thoughts. More than a few, actually, but we’ll just hit one today.

Whoever’s peddling this we’re all gonna catch it eventually, we might as well get back to normal bullshit is either obscenely callous or ridiculously short sighted. YOU DON’T WANT THIS.

  1. There’s no guarantee you’ll have mild symptoms so stop treating covid like a freaking cold.
  2. Let’s say you’re asymptomatic or only experience mild discomfort — that doesn’t mean the person you pass it to will.
  3. Even an asymptotic or “mild” case in a vaccinated person can lead to long-term health issues. It causes an uptick in mortality that grows progressively worse over time since SARS-CoV-2 attacks the brain, heart, lungs, blood, testes, colon, liver, and lymph nodes.
  4. All of these points, including #3, apply to children as well. Our children are not safe.

Then there’s this:

So it seems like Dr. Walensky’s saying it’s encouraging news that the majority of deaths are among people with disabilities. Can you imagine replacing that with any other group? “We find it encouraging that over 75% of covid deaths occurred among children whose immune systems aren’t yet fully developed…”

When will we stop normalizing this madness?