1.  A patient woman I am not so let’s just say covid recovery is FREAKING ANNOYING. Could we just pick a symptom and get over it? Permanently??

2.  I am very much over the merry-go-round of geez, I feel like dirt — things are sorta turning around — well, I’ve felt worse — crap, why is my throat on fire again — time to nap again.

3.  Naps are saving me.

4.  We got a dusting of snow followed by hours of sleet. Our roads are delightful.

5.  Or so I hear. When we get wonky weather I tend to keep my rear end inside the house.

6.  You know what I did do yesterday? Made my mom’s chili. There’s nothing like the smell of chili in the crock pot on a snow day.

7.  Of course I had to take a nap after I got it started but hey, nobody’s gonna fault me for a little pre-dinner snooze, right?

8.  Right.

9.  Plus there’s nothing like a warm little poof of a kitty to make napping inevitable.

10.  In celebration of Martin Luther King Day I’ll end with this: