Anyone else got Elsa running rampant through their head? “Let it gooo! Let it GOOOOO!!” Frozen ruined a generation, folks. Well, several actually since all the kids are there plus their babysitters and parents as well.

There’s something a bit ironic about a princess, every hair in place, perfect dress hugging her Disney curves, singing with abandon about letting it go. Not very far, I guarantee you, because Disney has strict requirements for their marketing campaigns.

But I digress.

Yeah, if I’m being all woo-woo then “let go” reminds me of all the crap I insist on dragging around EVEN THOUGH I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL I COULD PUT IT DOWN AND WALK AWAY. The moron cutting me off even though there’s nobody behind mess he could merge right in? Yep. That one snag in the carpet we just can’t seem to fix right? Yep, that too. Also obnoxious public behavior, dirty dishes in the sink, and having to remind someone five times about something I need done.

There’s a reason my shoulders stay up around my ears most of the time, folks. And please don’t tell me meditation. I’m not in the headspace to entertain meditation as a viable life skill.

Let go also makes me think of every childhood nonsense fight ever. Let GO, I had it FIRST! repeated ad nauseam until the ‘rents felt we’d all be safer tucked away in our rooms. Pretty sure this one’s universal among siblings, though, so at least we had company.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “let go.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think “let go.” Enjoy!