1.  2022 hasn’t exactly started off with a bang.

2.  Someone asked if I did anything for New Year’s and I had to laugh. My covid ass was parked on our basement couch, watching mindless television and pounding gatorade. Good times.

3.  I’m still finding mail around the house from what I like to call my Twilight Zone days so if I haven’t responded to you yet that’s on me.

4.  The dog — you know which one — most likely ate her weight in self-clumping litter after someone left a gate open. BLESS HER WHOLE HEART.

5.  I’ve missed important birthdays and can’t even manage to pull it together enough to send belated well wishes. Seriously, if you have a January birthday don’t be surprised if a card shows up in March.

6.  State legislatures all over the place are pushing bills that do things like regulate academic matter taught in the classroom, restrict subjects teachers can discuss with students even when the topic is raised by the students themselves, and require parental approval for lesson plans.

side note: If you think you’re better equipped to educate your child than those who have studied to become teachers then homeschool your child.

7.  Plus there’s all the book banning.

8.  Trump’s been kicking things back up again. Ugh.

9.  Then there was that nazi rally in Orlando yesterday. FFS, I’m so damn embarrassed by the people who live here.

10.  One month down, eleven more to go and in an election year, too. America isn’t a place for the faint of heart.