1.  Somehow I’ve landed in ‘rona TikTok and let me tell you it is a whole mood. If the mood is snort laughing so hard coffee comes out your nose, that is.

2.  Like this one on CDC guidelines.

3.  And this one, also on CDC guidelines.

4.  Then PreK teacher chimes in.

5.  Go on, take a look, I’ll wait. But maybe put your coffee down first.

6.  I tried out this Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup last weekend. Sadly it turned out kind of so-so.

7.  I mean, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. BrightSide suggested maybe it just needed more spices.

8.  Give it a shot if you’re craving homemade tomato soup but make sure you spice it well.

9.  I also tried this Red Pepper Crab Soup. It was delicious, but I’ve got a whole lot of caveats.

10.  Between the time I originally loaded this recipe into my app and when I made it the website significantly changed the soup. It was a bit of a dilemma until I decided to combine what looked like the best of both worlds and see how it turned out.

11.  If you’re interested these are the ingredients I used: 1/4 medium onion, 1 garlic clove, a little over 1 cup chicken broth, a little over 1 cup half and half with 1 TBS flour mixed in, 3 red bell peppers (see #12), 1 pound crab meat, 1 lemon, 2 tsp Old Bay seasoning, 1 pinch cayenne, 1/4 tsp salt.

12.  I followed this recipe for roasting red peppers; if you’re interested in exactly how I made the soup itself let me know in the comments.

13.  The hubby and I loved it but crab meat is seriously pricy so that’ll be for special occasions.

14.  Last but not least, shrimp were on sale this week and I’d been dying to try them in my favorite fish and grits recipe.

15.  There was a bit of providence involved. Bear was at a game the same night T-man had plans, and seeing as both of them despise shrimp…well, that sounds like a win for us.

16.  I seasoned the shrimp well with Cajun spice, Old Bay, black pepper, and onion powder. Then I sautéed minced garlic in butter before adding shrimp to the pan, searing both sides well.

17.  It was fan-freaking-tastic. My whole house smells like spicy shrimp now but it was totally worth it.

18.  Melanie asked in her Share Your World how we’d feel about a world without the internet. That gave me pause.

19.  I have a rather extensive search history. Let’s check out a sampling.

20.  How long to sauté shrimp.

21.  Chest pain and covid.

22.  Hypervigilance.

23.  How long to sauté salmon.

24.  Amount of shrimp per person.

25.  How long does a baked potato keep in the fridge.

26.  How to oil dreads. Best scalp and hair oils.

27.  Roasted green chiles.

28.  Ounces to cups.

29.  Can I freeze homemade butter.

30.  Huh. I’m seeing a strong cooking trend here.

31.  That makes sense. When I’m juggling kitchen stuff it’s much simpler to ask Siri and let her search the web.

32.  So no, I’m not on board with losing the internet, thanks.

33.  Let’s see, how about a curly girl update.

34.  I’ve tried both the LOG (leave in conditioner, oil, gel) and LOC (leave in conditioner, oil, curl cream) methods. LOG works better on my hair.

35.  My Mielle leave in smells like bubble gum. Mmm.

36.  My Cantu cream smells like the tropics. Or maybe coconut. I’m not exactly sure but it smells great.

37.  Now if I could just figure out how to give this mop volume we’ll be getting somewhere.

38.  I mailed an Amazon Echo as part of a trade in program. Now I’m waiting to see if Seven partially chewing the cord will kick it back to me.

39.  Bless his whole freaking heart.

40.  All right, people, as always I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mask up, get those boosters, and stay healthy.