1.  The first Saturday in February is International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Sadly, we had no ice cream in the house so we weren’t able to participate this weekend but you can be damn sure it’s on the calendar now.

2.  The fact that there’s a Darwin Day in February feels particularly appropriate in Covid Times. Just saying.

3.  There’s a National Ferret Day. I haven’t googled but if ferrets get an official day then surely cats, dogs, birds, and bunny rabbits do as well. Still, here I am with National Ferret Day stuck in my brain.

4.  International Women’s Day is in March. I’m always surprised by the blowback on this one. It’s just a little bit like the folks who are all why does there have to be a special Black History Month? does that mean next we’ll have White History Month?

5.  There’s also an International Day of Yoga. Not shockingly, I doubt I’ll be sporting yoga pants and striking a Camel Pose.

6.  Did you know there’s a National Baked Alaska Day? Even for those of us who’ve never had baked Alaska?

7.  Then there’s National White Shirt Day, a holiday for the truly disciplined among us capable of keeping a stark white shirt clean all day long.

8.  National Random Acts of Kindness Day is one holiday I absolutely get behind.

9.  Can’t remember which month but I swear there’s a National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

10.  And who doesn’t want to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? Shoot, given my druthers I’d celebrate by swimming in my very own vat.