Which traditional Valentine’s Day gift would you rather receive: chocolates, flowers, or a card with a personal message?

I feel like I should say the personal message because duh, writer, but I have to admit it’s chocolates.

Do you like romantic movies?

I like rom-coms. I’ve watched The Proposal a hundred times and still fall down laughing at the “WHY ARE YOU WET?!” scene. Also partook of Sweet Home Alabama this week because “Nobody talks to my mama like that” is the ultimate feel good moment.

Is Valentine’s Day only about romantic love? Or is it a good occasion to celebrate friendship as well?

Valentine’s Day might be marketed for romantic love but I think of it as a day to celebrate all types of love, including friendship.

How do you deal with unwanted romantic attention?

I’m sorry, give me a second, my fifty-year-old ass is wheezing here.

Okay, I’m good. Back in the day (yes, I’m old enough to use that phrase) I leaned toward persistently polite deflection. These days I imagine I’d take more of a scorched earth approach. Then again women get hurt doing that sort of thing so maybe it’s best I’m not dealing with unwanted romantic attention anymore.

Share one or two of your favorite memories of your special loved one if you’d like.

Holding hands under a gently warm sun while looking at an incredibly blue ocean.

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