1.  Two weeks off 40 things and you’d think I’d have plenty to say.

2.  Cue me staring at a blank screen. Ugh.

3.  Okay, I can do this, just start small.

4.  Anyone know when a swollen lymph node is, I dunno, an actual problem?

5.  Google says it’s a sign my body is fighting an infection of some kind.

6.  You’re probably all well duh, Laura. I would too except it only swelled up this week so I don’t feel like I can blame this on the pneumonia.

7.  side note: In a totally unlike-me move I skimmed right past the outside possibility swollen lymph nodes can mean cancer.

8.  Seriously, at some point stuff has to stop blitzing me, right? RIGHT??

9.  Just kidding, I’m fully aware my life is one blitz after another.

10.  Not sure I feel up to tackling Ukraine and Russia tonight. Moving along.

11.  I hear there’s a chance our sheriff might run opposed in his next election and can I just say HALLELUJAH.

12.  I’ll take even the possibility of change as a win at this point.

13.  Oh man, I’m only on #13 and I feel the slow downhill crash starting.

14.  These days I can go a good four to six hours before tanking.

15.  So basically I get up and make it through lunch before sleep takes over.

16.  Then I can usually get through making dinner and the evening before crashing for the day.

17.  All this means I really need to start writing earlier in the day if I hope to a) make sense and b) schedule a post before I pass out.

20.  It’s 10:30pm. I woke up from my nap at 3:30pm which means I’m overdue to flame out.

21.  NO BUENO.

22.  I’d better find a speedy way to blow through these then.

23.  I found a terrific gluten free crust in the frozen foods section of my grocery store and the first thing I wanted to try was a quiche.

24.  Before I had the ready mades I whipped up homemade dough to try this Green Chile Quiche.

25.  The kids didn’t seem to be fans but I loved it.

26.  Was it a little weird? Sure. But that layer of green chiles gave it a little bite that was mmmm.

27.  We also wanted a crustless option so BrightSide made this Easy Bacon-Cheddar Crustless Quiche. It was a hit.

28.  Which brings me back to I-bought-crust-and-couldn’t-wait-to-make-quiche.

29.  Last weekend I threw together a Cheesy Bacon Quiche that was scrumptious.

30.  I added green onion to give it a bit of color and depth. It worked.

31.  That’s basically the extent of my cooking experiments for the last couple of weeks. I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible right now.

32.  Some days it’s not even all that smart to take out the sharp knives.

33.  I’m making a stir fry tonight so let’s hope today isn’t one of those days.

34.  Say what you want about TikTok but I stumbled across this:

35.  “Do you need a month y’all got BET” Bless.

36.  I’ll admit, I gave the kids a lot of crap about TikTok. A LOT. It gave off get off my lawn! old man vibes for sure.

37.  But now? I’m a TikTok convert.

38.  No, I don’t post videos, but I’ve got accounts I keep up with. They cover a bizarre wide array of topics.

39.  My current favorites are: cat TikTok, Black education (i.e. learning for us white folks), restaurant story TikTok (because I love a saucy customer tale), cooking TikTok, teacher TikTok, and random quirky adults TikTok.

40.  Any other adults riding the TikTok wave? I’m fully aware most of the kids on that app think I’m ancient enough to dry up and blow away like dust but whatever. I like it.