1.  It’s a whole sheet, people. A WHOLE DANG SHEET.

2.  There’s those two doctors’ appointments I’ve been meaning to schedule since, y’know, January.

3.  Plus I still need to get the cats into the vet for a well visit.

4.  I need to reschedule the follow up with my orthopedic surgeon. Since I was diagnosed with pneumonia the day after we met I haven’t exactly tackled my physical therapy.

5.  Which means I definitely need to schedule that PT for my knee.

6.  Also need to run out to get some overdue bloodwork done. I’m betting that doctor’s office would also appreciate me calling to pay off the balance on my account.

7.  My car’s been yelling at me that it’s overdue for service so looks like scheduling Volvo is on the list.

8.  I need to get back on top of our Global Entry applications as well as schedule Bear’s driver’s license test.

9.  Then there’s that follow up appointment I forgot to schedule for T. Better take care of that.

10.  I must have been feeling optimistic when I put down make a hair appointment. I mean, even low maintenance hair requires occasional trims…still, with all this other mess going on when am I supposed to work that in?? Bless.