1.  Friday, Friday, and I’m doing my best to show up.

2.  This isn’t exactly a SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT situation, though, so I wouldn’t set your expectations too high.

3.  I spotted this a couple of days ago:

4.  It spoke to me, you know?

5.  Things accelerated quickly and I’ve set a hard limit for going to bed so it looks like I’ll be finishing this in the morning…

6.  Okay! Friday morning! Up and at ’em!

7.  Just kidding.

8.  More like oh-kay, Friday morning, let’s pull our sh*t together and make sure the kiddos get out the door.

9.  I’ve got something to confess. Not an axe murderer confession but still…

10.  For a good while there I wasn’t getting up before school.

11.  I dunno, man. The older one could drive and the younger one could get in the car and they got to school on time.

12.  [insert huge shrug here]

13.  I know there are moms who get up and make their kids a hot breakfast. I tried that, particularly during lockdown/remote learning.

14.  But one kid didn’t eat any and eventually the other stopped too so that was that.

15.  I also acknowledge a big chunk of this was because of my headspace. No bueno.

16.  It doesn’t help that my natural rhythm is late-to-bed-late-to-rise.

17.  BrightSide points out this is a riot because in college I was more the midnight? Yeah, I’m pooped, see you tomorrow type. He’s not wrong.

18.  Now my brain is all midnight? eh, I can go to bed at one, it’ll be fine.

19.  Narrator: It is not always fine.

20.  Anyhoo, these days I’ve got a big fat alarm that goes off at 10:15pm on school nights shrieking Head to bed!!

21.  It’s only the first week but so far it works.

22.  Am I a Morning Glory Sunshine at 7:30am? Not so much.

23.  Which, come to think of it, might mean my kids prefer I stay in bed.

24.  But whatever. At least this week they got nudges if they slept in too late — ironic, I know — and a pleasant love you! have a good day! as they went out the door.

25.  Surely I’m building some extra cosmic credit here, right?

26.  I’m even running the Roomba as I write this so MULTITASKING.

27.  Mia has sprinted to T’s room to hide out because she is not about the Roomba.

28.  I think it has to do with the time she finally worked up the nerve to check it out.

29.  Unfortunately that was right after it’d docked from a run. Just as she stepped up to poke her nose around its edge: VVRRROOOOSSSSSHHHHHH.

30.  Have you ever been around one of these things when it’s emptied? I mean, they’re a Godsend and all but there’s a reason I don’t run it when anyone’s sleeping.

31.  Phoebe is unconcerned and snuggled in her bed.

32.  Seven is playing tag with it.

33.  And Gracie — bless her whole heart — has forgotten everything she ever knew about this thing.

34.  Last week she stepped on it backing away from a baby gate.

35.  This morning she stared it down, waiting for it to turn and run like a cat but it just kept thrumming toward her.

36.  She’ll probably sleep really well this afternoon.

37.  It’s currently on the third run in our family room ‘cuz, well, four pets.

38.  Isn’t this exciting? Aren’t you glad you came by today for a blow-by-blow Roomba account?

39.  I thought so.

40.  All right, everyone. Positive vibes for my finally organize the pantry project and good wishes for your weekend.