1.  Yeah, it’s been a week. And then some.

2.  Quick question. Do olives and PB&J crackers count as a dinner?

3.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t subject anyone else to my culinary shenanigans but cooking was simply not happening last night.

4.  And sure, it would’ve been easier to crack open a can of Chef Boyardee but some of us have to deal with this stupid don’t eat the gluten body.


6.  Did I mention I bought a cat tunnel?

7.  Well, technically it’s more of a cat T since the tunnel has a second one branching off it.

8.  What does that give you? Three openings with dangling pom balls and just for kicks a hole where the pieces come together.

9.  Add in two cats and we’re talking nonstop fun here.

10.  I figured the boy cat would enjoy tearing through the tunnels but Mia’s been the biggest surprise.

11.  There’s nothing funnier than watching her stick that head into a tunnel then do the zoom-y butt wiggle thing before flying out the other side.

12.  She zips in, out, and around like she’s barrel racing at the rodeo.

13.  Yes, google found “barrel racing” for me because my dumb covid brain is swiss cheese.

14.  Anyhoo.

15.  Running a close second to the butt wiggle is seeing Mia’s tiny head pop out of the center like some kind of poofy Jack-in-the-box.

16.  I swear it’s the best twenty bucks I’ve spent this year.

17.  I decided to roll the dice on baking over the weekend and it. paid. off.

18.  I made these Glazed Blueberry Biscuits from Divas Can Cook.

19.  Is the recipe gluten free? Nope, sure isn’t, but that didn’t stop me since I’ve found a great gluten free baking flour.

20.  Cue my mad dough skills.

21.  They were delicious. Truly.

22.  But the biggest compliment of the day came from T.

23.  Turns out he’s something of a connoisseur of Bojangles’ Bo-berry biscuits. Orders them every time he goes.

24.  Don’t judge me, once they get a license the pull of fast food drive-thrus is insane.

25.  Anyway, it warmed me to the bottom of my mama heart to hear him say mine were better.


27.  Say it with me: aaawwwwww.

28.  I understand now why she recommended making a double batch.

29.  She said they taste even better the second day but I wouldn’t know because leftovers? Posh.

30.  There it is.

31.  Friday makes five mornings in a row of waking up with less than eight hours of sleep under my belt.

32.  I now understand why I stopped getting up for school. I can’t make my stupid brain go to sleep by 11:30pm which makes a 7:30am alarm problematic.

33.  There’ve been several days this week where being awake was crucial, though, so I guess we’re just gonna zombie our way through the day.

34.  Sleep-in-Saturdays feel so good.

35.  Gotta say, as a girl who loves food the lack of appetite for the last few days has been disconcerting. (See olives and PB&J comment above.)

36.  Like, what is this? Cravings have disappeared and I’d like them back, please and thank you.

37.  We’re having our typical whiplash March weather and it’s delightful.

38.  Seventies, seventies, sixties, seventies, fifties, seventies, seventies…

39.  Add in pollen galore and it’s a real good time.

40.  Still, squirrels are romping and flowers are blooming and there’s even been a bunny or two. I guess I’ll take it.