1.  We’ve hit a half and half desert here.

2.  Nooo, Rudy, say it ain’t sooooo.

3.  This was the third week running my grocery store was out of half and half.

4.  Not just the store brand I usually buy. ANY brand. Any at all.

5.  Seriously? There’s no half and half to be found in this store’s supply chain? None?!

6.  Turns out a lot of my recipes call for half and half, though, so I had to find a cheat.

7.  Welcome to the deceptively named 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Half-and-Half Substitute.

8.  Not “deceptively” because they’re not easy, they are, but in the end only one option worked.

9.  I never have whole milk on hand so options #1, 2, and 4 were moot.

10.  Which leaves me with option #3: combining low fat milk and heavy cream.

11.  I’ve used it for two recipes now and it’s a lifesaver.

12.  What else, what else…

13.   It’s heading toward 10:30pm and I don’t know if I’m gonna make this deadline.

14.  Let’s shoot for halfway there, shall we?

15.  I’ve been enjoying Psych and Modern Family.

16.  Funny shows that don’t require a lot of brainpower which quite frankly is a win these days.

17.  DANG IT. 10:45pm and I’m off to bed so it looks like this has to wait ’til the morning.

18.  Whoops. Starting a bit later than intended but here we are.

19.  I’ll just say this. A “hey are you busy” text turns into an hour derailment.

20.  A throwback to last week’s cat tunnel joy:

21.  There’s something about their caught-in-the-headlight stares that makes me snort.

22.  In a good way, though.

23.  And yes, the cat antics continue to bring laughs to the household.

24.  So I finally got around to scheduling a hair appointment. It’s been about six months and to say my hair was disastrous would be a kindness.

25.  Unfortunately when I checked her page it turned out my stylist had taken an unexpected leave of absence.

26.  Cue the second nooooooo of the post.

27.  I was faced with three choices: search out another stylist who works well with curly hair, leave the split ends be, or cut it myself.

28.  At the risk of sounding like a pioneer woman I picked up the scissors and cut the damn thing myself.

29.  That sounds radical but pandemic times gave me plenty of time to master the skill.

30.  Plus there’s, y’know, YouTube.


31.  I don’t know what’s going on, I tried to embed the video but WordPress is fighting me. Just click on the link and you’ll see how I learned.

32.  Turns out cutting curly hair is infinitely easier — for me anyway — than cutting straight.

33.  Going curl by curl takes a good deal of patience but if you’re detail oriented it can work out well.

34.  Plus with curls nobody really notices if you’ve trimmed them a bit uneven.

35.  Much easier than trying to cut a straight line, I say.

36.  That reminds me of every time I’ve tried to “trim” a piece of paper and ended up making three cuts just to get something passable.

37.  Talk about losing my patience; one crooked sign and I’m yelling in the kitchen.

38.  Oh well, we can’t all be Martha Stewart.

39.  I finally scheduled my knee PT so yay for me. It may have taken forever and a day a while but better late than never, right?

40.  Happy Friday, happy weekend, happy April Fool’s Day. May your April be sunny and bright.