1.  I manage not to flip out when Spectrum says it can’t send someone out for two days.

2.  I spend a lot of time staring out the window commenting on how the leaves are coming in.

3.  We make a Southpoint run to join an abundance of formalwear teens picking up altered prom dresses.

4.  I connect my hotspot and order groceries.

5.  I wander around the kitchen wondering what on earth to cook followed by cooking a big fat nothing.

6.  Except Lemon Pepper Tuna. I throw together some of that so I’d stop skipping lunch.

7.  There’s a lot of cat nose booping.

8.  A smoke detector starts low power beeping so Phoebe requires serious emotional support while BrightSide searches it out.

9.  Smart plugs don’t work so some lamps have to get reworked.

10.  I start a hard book. I put it down. I read another half chapter. I put it down. I get angry at the brain fatigue that makes it so freaking hard to concentrate on hard things. I walk away.