No, not the baseball team.

We spent a couple of years in St. Louis and yes, I actually remember their baseball team is the Cardinals which for me qualifies as a minor miracle. And seeing as it’s baseball season I suppose technically the St. Louis Cardinals are back but those are not the ones of which I speak.

My beautiful cardinals are back at the feeder.

Seven and I equally enjoy springtime. Birds swoop in and out of the yard. Squirrels are constantly doing some sort of squirrelly yoga, running along the top of the fence, or performing birdseed snatching acrobatics at the feeder. We have the occasional bunny wander through and even the groundhog makes an appearance a few times a week. That dang cat even enjoys playing with wasps bouncing against the windows.

It’s like a freaking Snow White audition back there.

Do you have a Snow White audition in your springtime yard too? Excuse me while I go sing with the bluebirds now.