1.  I dunno, guys, we’re starting this one on a wing and a prayer.

2.  I’m not in the headspace to write a Post-it note let alone something for the blog so it’s kind of a crap shoot.

3.  I watched a Netflix documentary this week called This Changes Everything.

4.  It looks at gender disparity in Hollywood and is absolutely fascinating.

5.  They present through commentary from famous actresses and female filmmakers supported by data collected by Geena Davis’ Institute on Gender in Media.

6.  10/10, highly recommend.

7.  Easter weekend was…eventful.

8.  PSA: Generators give off carbon monoxide even after you’ve turned them off. As long as they’re hot, they’re emitting.

9.  Second PSA: Make sure you own carbon monoxide detectors. They work.

10.  Those of you familiar with Phoebe and smoke detectors already know she was losing her shit displeased.

11.  Ever watched a dog quiver violently for an hour? Saddest thing you’ll ever see.

12.  The cats weren’t too thrilled when people wearing large boots stomped through the house airing it out.

13.  We didn’t see Mia for a good four hours afterward. Even Seven was shook.

14.  On the upside I tried out this Delicious Turkey Meatloaf.

15.  For those of you saying that’s crazy, turkey is too dry, it’ll never make a delicious meatloaf I’m happy to say in this particular instance you’d be wrong.

16.  I will admit what it gave in flavor it 100% lacked in presentation but this is a Diva dish so I’m taking the hit.

17.  I’ve reread the recipe and the one step I skipped was draining off juices after coming out of the oven so that might have been where I went astray.

18.  Every single one of my humans said it was delicious. Every. Single. One.

19.  Each one also commented — with various degrees of delicacy — on the unsavory appearance of said dish.

20.  I believe a comparison to cat food was made. Yikes.

21.  BUT. Everyone enjoyed the taste; several people enjoyed seconds.

22.  So let my experience be your advice: if you try making this delicious turkey meatloaf just drain off the extra juices before letting it cool down and firm up.

23.  At least I think that would help. We’ll see next time.

24.  It’s been a week so I’m gonna drop this right here:

25.  Because nothing makes you feel better like a Gracie snoot.

26.  Well, that and Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Caramel Fudge. Mmm mmm good.

27.  I’ll say it again for those in the back: MMM MMM GOOD.

28.  Two spunky kitties who have both ingested off limits items like gift ribbon and cat toy meant Easter baskets were out of the question this year.

29.  Seriously, I tried fighting the don’t touch that! battle with the mini-furballs last year. I gave that a hard pass for Easter 2022.

30.  Which meant the kiddos’ goodies were unceremoniously piled on the dining room sideboard.

31.  Meh, they seemed okay with it.

32.  Time out while I hunt down the freaking carpet cleaner.

33.  Seven has this delightful quirk. Whenever he sees a soda can he strikes like a panther smacking down prey.

34.  50% of the time it’s amusing.

35.  40% of the time it’s slightly annoying yet still amusing.

36.  10% of the time he does it after 11:30pm leading to a string of cussing while I find the carpet cleaner.

37.  Well, it’s cussing combined with I love this stinking cat, I LOVE HIM DAMMIT.

38.  I believe the southern version is Bless his heart.

39.  We’re heading into prom weekend and I’m in the final beauty-prep stretch.

40.  Dress, alterations, shoes, jewelry: check. Hair, lashes, and nails yet to go. I’ll take any and all good thoughts for a smooth finish here.